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As ransomware attacks surge, here’s why tech companies should protect themselves now

A hacker working at their laptop

In the past few years, the number of ransomware attacks has risen sharply. Find out why tech companies should protect themselves from this threat now

3 useful ways you can protect your agency as the UK approaches recession

A woman with an umbrella walking in the rain

The cost of living crisis could push the UK into a recession in the near future. Find out 3 ways you can protect your agency from its effects

As the cost of financial protection rises, here’s how working with a broker can benefit you

An adviser showing a client something on a tablet

In the past few months, the cost of financial protection has surged. Read this article to find out why working with a broker is more important than ever

How remote working could affect your agency’s protection needs

A young woman working from home

While remote working can have many benefits, it could affect your agency’s protection needs. Read on to find out why and how a broker can help you

How Covid-19 has shown the value of working with a broker

A social distancing floor sign

When it comes to protecting your business, working with a broker can really help. Here are four valuable ways that Covid-19 has shown this

3 useful tips for managing your agency in the year of the tiger

A Bengal tiger relaxing on a log

2022 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac. Here are three useful tips it can teach you when it comes to managing your agency

3 ways that tech companies can overcome the digital skills shortage

People in an office using computers

Recently, many tech companies have been struggling to hire new staff. If you’re affected by the digital skills shortage, here are 3 things you can do

The 5 biggest challenges facing startups and how you can overcome them

A room of people having a discussion

When building a business, there can be a lot to think about. Here are the 5 biggest challenges facing startups and how you can overcome them

The importance of working with a broker in a “hardening” insurance market

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on financial news in recent months, you may have read that the insurance market is undergoing a period of “hardening”. This means that… Read more »

How Facial Recognition Technology Can be Used in Underwriting

phone camera

Facial recognition is an emerging technology that holds much promise and a wide range of current and potential applications. It is also a burgeoning market that has been predicted by… Read more »

How Big Data and Predictive Analytics is Transforming the Insurance Industry

New technologies impact different sectors in ways that are specific to the industry, but the benefits of big data and predictive analytics are also finding new applications in various fields…. Read more »

A Broker is for life, not just for Christmas

Get to know your broker!  You may only speak to your insurance broker once a year when it draws close to renewal time, but a good broker will be looking… Read more »

Why your business needs Cyber and Data Insurance

Almost everything we do these days is digital – shopping, working, banking, communicating, watching movies, filing tax returns, booking holidays – even keeping up to date with the kids’ homework!… Read more »

Jargon Free Guide to Film and TV Production Insurance

Jargon Free guide to production insurance

There are famously four stages of learning, the first stage being “not knowing what you don’t know” – and insurance can feel a bit like that. Sometimes with insurance, particularly specialised policies for shoots, it can be a case of not knowing what you need until it’s too late. In the highly competitive world of film & TV production there is a lot at stake – protect yourself, your equipment, your people and your reputation with Eggar Forrester Creative Production Insurance.

Why Professional Photographers Need Bespoke Insurance

Why Professional Photographers need bespoke photography insurance

Running a successful Photography business goes way beyond point and shoot. From fashion photographers cheering-up models on cold studio floors, to editorial shoots in the dying light of a long… Read more »

Bespoke Insurance for Creative Businesses

Eggar Forrester Creative is part of a family business dating back over a century.

From Mary Tyler Moore, to Mark Zuckerberg to the late German director Mike Nichols, it is well known that being creative, making a difference and proving successful can be a… Read more »



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