Why graduates could boost the UK’s post-pandemic film industry

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In recent months, the coronavirus pandemic has posed a significant problem for the UK’s film industry. Not only has it had to endure difficulties with filming due to social distancing measures, but it has only recently been able to show new releases in cinemas.

According to figures from the Guardian, the film and TV industry has spent more than £5.6 billion in the last year to produce new content for audiences. While this is a sign that the sector is recovering from the setback, it’s important to remember that it isn’t out of the woods yet.

The recent poor performance of several major releases has made many people question what the future may hold for the industry. One suggestion is that a fresh influx of new talent might be just what is needed, so read on to find out why graduates could provide a much-needed boost.

Many cinemas have been struggling financially in recent months

With the easing of restrictions, the reopening of cinemas across the country has been a much-needed boon for the film industry. Due to the government’s implementation of national lockdowns throughout the pandemic, many of them were unable to operate for a significant amount of time.

While many people in the film industry welcomed the reopening of venues, there are signs that it isn’t out of the woods yet.

For example, according to figures from the Guardian, the major cinema chain Cineworld reported a loss of £537 million last year. This is despite the releases of the highly-anticipated new James Bond and Spider-Man films.

While it’s too early to draw solid conclusions about the future of the industry, it’s understandable why some professionals might be concerned. With the rise in online streaming services during the pandemic, traditional venues could struggle to keep their heads above water financially in the near future.

If this happened, the resulting fall in the number of cinemas and the consolidation of the industry could have a knock-on negative effect for filmmakers.

Hiring graduates can be a great way to bring new ideas into the film industry

According to the film school Raindance, some of the biggest issues facing producers are the flooding of the market due to the digital revolution and the lack of fresh ideas when it comes to writing.

These are both significant problems that need to be overcome, and an influx of fresh talent could be a great way to do this. Hiring a greater proportion of graduates, rather than old hands, could be a useful way to bring in new ideas and ways of doing things to your production.

With the industry adjusting to the “new normal”, now could be a useful time to take on some new graduate staff. In recent months, there have been several examples of new screenwriters who have gained much critical acclaim with fresh ideas and takes on traditional genres.

An excellent example of this was Rose Glass’ directorial debut, Saint Maud, which was released in UK cinemas in 2021. A gripping psychological drama with strong horror elements, the film won significant praise from many critics.

Another benefit of hiring younger professionals is that they can be much more in touch with what audiences want.

With the rise of multiple streaming services in the past few years, there has never been more content available for people to watch. This is why it’s important for your productions to be able to stand out and be able to grab a viewer’s attention.

In the age of streaming services, graduates can provide much-needed insights into what audiences want, so you can continue to provide high-quality entertainment.

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Posted: March 28, 2022 | Categories: News

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