Residential Blocks of Flats Insurance

We arrange Residential Property Owners insurance and Residential Blocks of Flats Insurance for our clients across London and the rest of the UK providing highly competitive rating alongside a first rate personal service.

Our Residential Blocks of Flats insurance team arranges over £1 billion in cover for everything from single buy-to-let apartments to large blocks of flats and extensive property portfolios across the country. We offer property insurance cover for all types of residential properties so that landlords, property investors, residents’ committees and managing agents alike can rest assured their property is protected.

Our specialist team is on hand to provide the best property insurance for your residential property. Speak to one of our brokers for more information about blocks of flats insurance and residential property owners cover in relation to the following:

  • Buildings insurance
  • Terrorism insurance
  • Property Owners Liability insurance
  • Landlord Contents insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability insurance
  • Engineering Insurance insurance
  • Employers Liability insurance
  • Loss of Rent and Alternative accommodation cover

Over the years, we have built up strong relationships with residential property owners and insurers to ensure we can deliver a broad range of cover at the most competitive premiums.

A truly personalised service is at the core of our approach. We assign dedicated account handlers to every one of our clients, whether they are insuring a block of flats, an extensive residential portfolio or a single buy-to-let property

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Property Owners Liability Insurance?

Property Owners Liability Insurance provides cover in the event that the insured is found to be liable for third party property damage or bodily injury on their premises.

What does Residential Property Owners Insurance cover?

A comprehensive insurance policy for property owners will provide cover for property damage, loss of rent and property owners liability as well as a host of other ancillary covers.

What is Block Insurance?

Block insurance, also known as block of flats insurance or block building insurance, is essential for property owners. It covers the risks associated with owning and renting out a block of flats.

What does Block Insurance cover?

Blocks of flats insurance can sometimes vary in scope, but our comprehensive policies cover all essential aspects of owning a tenanted block of flats, including damage to the building and any residential spaces inside. Policies also extend to damage to communal contents and loss of rent, as well as covering liability for property owners and employers.


Can I cover more than one property in the same policy?

Our insurance brokers can arrange policies that incorporate any number of properties. We insure everything from single flats to large blocks and extensive property portfolios and will ensure that cover is tailored to meet your needs.


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